What they’re saying

Some nice comments about The 143: Circles Of Life

There’s not much point hanging around waiting for somebody to pay you to write about music. And if they do, they’ll probably ask you to write about something you don’t have much interest in. Why not just write what you want for the love of it? Lots of people do it and some of them are big names. Andrew Collins won’t mind me saying he’s a very methodical sort and therefore it’s not surprising to find his music blog aims to pick “the 143 best songs in the world”. It’s more light-hearted than it sounds.

“Lots of the best music writing is free”
David Hepworth’s Notebook, blog, July 19, 2013

An education in classic pop greatness? Check out Andrew Collins’ ongoing 143 Best Songs Of All Time blog … I’m def going to!

Tom Robinson, Twitter, August 7, 2013

I’m absorbed by Andrew Collins and his ridiculously simple yet simply ridiculous pursuit.

Justin Moorhouse, Twitter, September 4, 2013

It’s an honour to be in close vicinity to a Jimmy Webb composition – many thanks Andrew!

Chandrasonic, Asian Dub Foundation, Comments, November 11, 2014

Website Of The Day 23 April 2014: We may have just discovered our new favourite blog. It’s certainly gone into our top ten, which is quite apt … Rarely have we seen such a personal journey be so successfully displayed … Each entry is beautifully written, light-hearted and informative – never seeking to justify its inclusion (why should it?), but simply telling the story of why the track is so significant … We love this blog and will be following with interest as the 143 develops over time.

Ian Hughes, Pocket-Lint.com, April 23, 2014


Unilateral, MetaFilter, May 21, 2014


WGN Radio, Chicago, June 25, 2014


4 thoughts on “What they’re saying

    • Three out of four for definite. One floating outside. But that could all change over the weeks and months this will take to complete!


      • Tantalising. Exciting. My money is on PSBs as the outsiders (although, I recall you writing about them favourably (in ‘That’s Me in The Corner’?) as well as giving them ‘props’ during your latest appearance on Roundtable). I do pay attention.


  1. I was drawn in to your blog by the image of an old 999 single. Surprised however that you chose Feeling alright with the crew over their old classic Emergency (or Homicide…) of which I still have the original single I bought when I was a punk. I saw 999 at The Nashville in ’78. Great gig though it ended in violence and mayhem orchestrated by the local skinheads. Good Times.


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